Mental Health Clinic

Identity & Web Design

Case Study

As an advocate for self-care and wellness, this project was very dear to my heart. I was approached by the owners to create a logo and website for their new clinic. They had already commissioned a logo elsewhere, but weren't satisfied with what they were presented.

They knew they wanted a tree and a butterfly, which was a part of their previous visual identity that they wished to retain. They wanted their logo to feel warm, inviting, and familiar.

They were also looking for something concrete and detailed but still minimalist.

Step 1 - research

There's two types of research I do. First, I look into my client's competition to see what kind of visual identity they have. Second, I start looking up symbols associated to the keywords pulled from the discovery questionnaire and the initial interview.

The goal? Finding the right elements to compose a clear visual message, while standing out from competitors.

Step 2 - Concept Sketches

Following the research, I sit down to sketch some ideas. Sometimes, the thumbnails work, and sometimes they just don't. In this case, I had such a clear idea in my head that I felt my clients would be able to visualise it themselves more easily with existing visuals, so I go to Pinterest® to find images that reflect my concept idea and I add explanations.

In step 2, I also come up with font pair suggestions for the signature, once again, looking for the balance between my clients' personal preferences and visual communication rules and trends.

Back and Forth

I don't believe in designing in a void; I like to collaborate and make sure that the project is going in the right direction. At the same time, back and forth can be difficult, and stall progress. Which is why I structure the feedback strategically with consultations at specific points in the project:

Final Asset Delivery

Once the final designs are approved, I finalise all the different logos into a variety of assets they can use in a multitude of digital and print formats.

The Evolution of a Logo Design

Web Design

The clinic had started building their website and asked for my help in giving it a polished, unified look. I had previously created my own website using one of the popular online website building platforms, but they had started with Google Sites® so after playing around with it a bit to familiarise myself with the functions, I was ready to go. I created custom branded headers and illustrations through a combination of licensed assets and original artwork.

You can tell so much from a symbol a person chooses. This is why for each professional's profile page, I created custom illustrations of their chosen symbols and added them to their personalized headers.